day 7: crossover

Nicktoons Unite rules, okay. And has Danny in it. Since 2007, Battle for Volcano Island was and still is one of my favorite games on Nintendo DS. More info and gifs under the cut! 

Butch Hartman was pretty smart for taking advantage of the fact that all of his 4 shows are pretty famous, and using said fact to produce video games (and that one movie) involving them together at times. Best part is: they usually turned out super great. I grew up with Battle for Volcano Island. Cool game, cool premise, cool monsters, cool sprites and cool soundtrack! In character, too. Well, at least for me. 

You can switch the playable characters (Danny, Spongebob and Timmy) during gameplay at will, each having their individual characteristics and quirks in moving and fighting (my favorite to play as is Timmy haha). But since Phanniemay is about Danny Phantom, here are the promised gifs focusing on Danny! (*´・v・)

Best idle animation ever. *stands around impatiently* 

Oh, and Tucker showed up once too. For plot convenience, because the protagonists had to use his PDA for their quest. 

Whenever a character jumps from a great distance, once they land they take a short halt to recover from the fall. And this is Danny’s animation. Look at his hair omg danny what 

(the camera shakes so much all of a sudden cuz I smashed the attack button violently oops)

Danny got run over by a huge bolder

oh ok


So sorry about the awful quality! I don’t have any programs to capture in-game footage with, so I had to improvise. Aka by using my sucky camera. (´д`)

[Posted May 7th, 2014 at 8:50 PM]
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